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Online & Digital Services 


We build modern and secure websites. Each website is tailor made to your requirements. All websites include SSL Certificate, daily security checks, daily backups and monitoring.


Our managed hosting service is designed with resilience and reliability in mind. Website and email hosting is fully managed by us, including configuration, updates & monitoring.


Our Managed Services solutions are designed to take the worry out of managing and maintaining your businesses online services. Our fully managed approach means we take care of the entire service lifecycle for you.


Our Consulting Service provides you with expert help and advice on demand. Our Consultants have over 20 years experience in all things digital from best practice to digital strategy.

Security as Standard

SSL/TLS CERTIFICATE                         

All websites, email and web facing services are protected with an SSL/TLS certificate ensuring all communications are encrypted and safe from prying eyes.


All website, email and managed services are backed up daily. Backups are stored off-site and are regularly tested. Should the worst happen, services can usually be restored within 15 minutes.

DAILY SECURITY CHECKS                         

All websites, email and internet facing services are scanned daily. Scans check for the presence of security issues, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and out of date software. Any issues discovered are typically fixed within 24 hours.

24/7 MONITORING                         

All websites, email and internet facing services (both ours and yours) are constantly monitored to ensure all services remain available and are operating at peak performance.

ENCRYPTION AS STANDARD                         

All websites, email and managed services employ encryption where possible. This includes network traffic, data and backups. Only encryption standards deemed to be 'strong' are used.

AUTOMATIC UPDATES                         

All websites, emails and managed services and infrastructure maintained by us is constantly monitored. Should we find a fix, update or patch is available, we will apply it soon as possible.

About Us

Durham Web is an online services Consultancy based in Durham, North East England. Our skilled team has over 20 years experience of all aspects of the online space. Covering everything from website design & development to cyber security, networking & infrastructure. We truly believe that technology has the power to change the world for the better and only by making technology accessible to all can this be realised. This is why, when we first created the business, that we agreed our core philosophy would underpin everything we do. 

Our Philosophy

At Durham Web our core philosophy governs everything we do. 


Technology doesn't have to be difficult. We believe there should be no barriers to entry with technology, regardless of prior experience or knowledge. We will always strive to do everything we can to make technology simple, intuitive & easy to use.


We're living in times where hackers & data breaches are, unfortunately, a fact of life. We're not going to lie and say that we'll stop every security threat out there, but we aim to make life very hard for the bad guys by doing everything we can to keep your data safe & secure.


We firmly believe that online services should be accessible to everyone, with no exception. Every site, service & solution we create is designed from the ground up with this philosophy in mind.


The technology industry is full of buzzwords and jargon making things difficult to fully understand, when it really doesn't have to be. We believe a conversation is two sided and should be understood by all involved.

Contact us

If you have a project in mind that we may be able to help with, then please do get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

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